A Surprise Announcement

February 28, 2014

Today marks the one month anniversary of Canon & Culture. By all accounts, it’s been a successful launch.

We set out, originally, to publish essays on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. Here’s the good news: Due to the number of submissions and enthusiasm from writers, Canon & Culture will now be increasing its weekly output to three days a week—Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, starting next week.

As the managing editor of Canon & Culture, I sincerely hope you enjoy our content. We desire to be a place of thoughtful evangelical social engagement, and so our greatest hope is that the evangelical public mind is moving forward, challenging Christians to live and think Christianly about every “every square inch” of the public square.

Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker is the managing editor of Canon and Culture. He also serves as the Director of Policy Studies for The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the denomination’s entity tasked with addressing moral, social, and ethical issues. In his role, he researches and writes about human dignity, family stability, religious liberty, and the moral principles that support civil society. He is a PhD student in Christian Ethics at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Andrew lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and daughter and is a member of Redemption City Church. You can find him on twitter at @andrewtwalk.