E23: Phillip Bethancourt talks ERLC events & seminary programs

April 21, 2016

Canon & Culture is invaded by Aggies when Phillip Bethancourt, Ph.D. (ERLC Executive VP) joins us to talk about the ERLC’s collaboration with Southern Baptist seminaries. We also get a glimpse into the many events the ERLC has planned for 2016 and learn how Phillip instills Aggie values in his 4 boys while living in Tennessee. (Ok, not really. Maybe.)

Our conversation includes answers to the following questions, among many others:

  • What does an executive vice president do, exactly?
  • Is seminary only for pastors?
  • What unique contributions does the ERLC provide a seminary curriculum?
  • What events does the ERLC have planned for 2016?

Follow Phillip at PhillipBethancourt.com and @pbethancourt.

Education initiatives

ERLC 2016 events

Phillip Bethancourt is Executive Vice President of the ERLC. He leads the ERLC team to develop innovative strategies to equip churches to address the key moral and ethical issues of the day. He completed an MDiv and PhD in Systematic Theology at Southern after attending Texas A&M University. Phillip and his wife, Cami, have been married since 2005, and have four boys.

Matthew Hawkins
Matthew Hawkins is host of the Canon & Culture Podcast, often alongside Andrew Walker or Dan Darling. While not podcasting, Matt serves as Coalitions Director, working with other groups in Washington, D.C., to achieve common objectives. He holds a BBA from Belmont University and an MA in Ethics and Public Affairs from George Mason University. Matt lives with his wife and daughter in Washington, D.C., where they are members of a church plant. He also serves on the board of a pregnancy resource ministry in northern Virginia. Follow Matt on Twitter via @mthawk.